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#14: The Bernadette, Retirement & why we move.

#14: The Bernadette, Retirement & why we move.

I'm gonna do it (despite stating that I'll never say gonna in my essay I'm Haunted). I'm gonna switch services. What that means to you? Not much. The site might be down for a bit as the domain switches over.

It has been a busy week, mostly trying to not get distracted by the cricket.

Big Bang Theory

During the week, I have been thinking too much about my website, my motivation for doing it and riding the waves of silence. I got thinking of the type of email I want to send each week and ways to achieve that.

And I got thinking of the different newsletters out there. So, I wrote this piece (link 1, link 2) comparing the six different types to the characters of The Big Bang Theory.

Too early to retirement?

During the week, I helped my parents move into their new place. They have moved into a building that provides a "concierge retirement lifestyle."

There is the library (pictured above), a cinema and a rooftop bar & barbeque. The location is right in cafe central. All critical components to a good lifestyle, if you ask me.

The sad part is you need to be 55 years old to move in. So, it looks like I'll be moving in with my parents in seven and a half years time!

Dissolution of identity

Ever since my parents told me they were moving, I have been thinking about why we seek alternative places. I do it all the time with my van; we do it when we take holidays, when we go out for dinner, or sit in a cafe. Rebecca Solnit calls it the "dissolution of identity," the need to reengage with the mystery of life.

People lose themselves in other experiences. Some good, some bad.

Reading novels is the epitome of good. Drugs and other addictions, such as computer games, are evil.

And then, in the lower levels of hell are people who hurt others. It amazed me to see on telly during the wee hours of the morning that there was a show called 'Catfish'. This is taking the idea of dissolution to a whole new level.

It amazed me are people capable of viciously hurting others by catfishing. And there are people who believe the lies that, at least in this episode, stretched my sleep deprived mind.

End Note

I hope these few minutes were a beneficial dissolution for you. What did you think of the new email?

I will develop The Bernadette style email as the weeks go by and I thank you for being with me on this ride.