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#97: Candy

#97: Candy
Odd Spot - The Age - 26/04/2022

Grace was searching for those special toffee bars Peter's mother loved, but there was no sign of them amongst the entire aisle. Mother's Day could not go ahead unless they brought with them a truckload of toffees for her to overdose on.

She asked Matilda to keep an eye on Rory, who seemed happy enough to munch on the free apple. Grace prided herself on the way she's raised her children and that until Matilda started going to other children's birthdays, not a simple grain of sugar entered her body.

Peter was quick to answer the phone. She explained the predicament, and he agreed to call the Prime Minister and ensure the entire nation cancelled Mother's Day until the matter of the missing toffees could be explained. He even suggested a Royal Commission with the power of subpoena to force people to answer for the travesty.

Failing that, check the bottom shelf, as they often hide the old-fashioned lollies down there, especially to make room for all the Easter chocolate.

Sure enough, he was right. He could call off the hounds.

She grabbed the usual amount, knowing the look she'll get from the check-out chick.

The moment she turned, she watched Rory's tiny hand drop the half-eaten apple and his face instantly transformed into one of agony.

Grace dumped the bars of toffee into the trolley and picked up the apple to reinstate it in his hand. Before she did, she checked no one else was in the aisle to witness her breaking of the hygiene rules.

As Rory resumed his munching, she realised that there was no Matilda, and a surge of real panic rose. Thoughts of the worst kind flooded her mind. She was about to rush down and scream for help when she noticed some M&Ms on the floor beside the trolley.

There was a trail of scattered M&Ms up the aisle. Grace came to the end and crouched at the end was Matilda, gorging herself on the huge packet. Fistfuls of the coloured gems were being stuffed into her mouth. As she chewed, she was stuffing fistfuls into her pockets.

"Hey, slow down. Save some for later."