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#75: Watches

#75: Watches
Odd Spot - The Age - 25/03/2022

Matilda and Grace were watching Rory. He was at the kitchen table, head held up by one hand, his elbow anchored into place. With his other hand, he seemed to write with his finger.

He was crooning to himself.

Peter suddenly realised that he completed the picture, in a meta way. He was watching Matilda and Grace, watching Rory. He could paint this scene, Father watches Daughter and Wife watching Son/Brother.

Grace quietly poured the hot water into two cups, each with a tea bag label strung over the side.

He knew this look. She was happy.

Peter slipped off his shoes and quietly came into the open space. He was behind Rory and could just make out what he was singing. He was quietly singing that he loved Amy.

Peter felt his eyebrows rise in surprise. Rory wasn't yet thirteen and to have already such a crush scared Peter. It meant a broken heart was a matter of time, and the innocent boy would get vaporised into nothing. The scene suddenly took on a different meaning for Peter.

It was now a husband-no-longer-in-love-with-his-wife watching his wife-who-no-loved-him and his medicated-daughter watching their son/brother-who-was-in-the-last-moments-of-innocence.