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#74: Spiderman

#74: Spiderman
Odd Spot - The Age - 24/03/2022

Matilda stood on the balcony, amazed at the view. Before her, the beach curved below like a crescent moon. The white caps of the waves pounded against the surfers as hard as her heart was beating. This was it. This was schoolies.

One boy from next door was climbing across the railings. She called out to him he was Spiderman, and she sang the song from The Simpson's movie. In a moment of clarity, she became fearful of watching him fall and the trauma this would cause her. So, she left him and went inside for another drink. Their apartment was chockas, with randoms smoking bongs, snorting cocaine or actually fucking.

The effects of something were kicking in.

Spiderman leant in and kissed her.

The ocean was cold, and the moon hung over the eastern sky like a mushroom. Spiderman was swimming out to get the mushroom for her.

Bright lights pierced deep into the back of her brain, stinging her repeatedly.

The feeling of Spiderman inside her hurt more than the bright lights. It wasn't the sex that hurt but the sand scratching her back red raw.

Matilda woke this time with sobriety. As in, she knew she was back in her bed on the twenty-second floor and that Amy was asleep next to her. She moved, and that pain returned the moment she tried to move. It was a remnant from the distant past, comforting. The fragments from the last few days anchored to the mysterious stabbing pains on her arse.

Matilda stood up. It felt like she'd scraped layers of skin off her arse. In the mirror, she could see a bandage covering the wound.

"Let's look at it," Amy said.

"Look at what?"

Amy looked at Matilda through the mirror. "You don't remember?"

She could see struggle to not laugh before the gravity of the situation overtook any humour.

Amy carefully pulled off the white gauze.

Matilda gasped when she saw the tattooed image of Spiderman flying across her butt.