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#71: Recumbant

#71: Recumbant
Odd Spot - The Age - 21/03/2022

As Grace pulls on the weeds, she comes across one of Peter's gnomes. In the early days of their marriage, and of their mortgage, he had a fancy of creating some sort of wonderland for the kids.

At that stage, the kids were still swimming in his nut sack, but it didn't stop Peter from buying fucking gnomes, literally gnomes engaged in fucking each other.

He was buying them from some website his mate recommended.

Grace did laugh with everyone else as they entertained people on hot summer evenings. The smell of charred meat and Aerogard was thick and heavy.

When Grace announced to Peter that she was expecting, she added the gnomes needed to go, or be pried apart.

Seven years later, they are still here.

Huge chunks of weeds reveal the forgotten orgy. Grace drags the wheelie bin over and dumps the lot of the horny gnomes. The female gnome, whose mouth has been stuck on a male's mushroom shaped penis for the entire time, finally breaks free. Grace is relieved that marriage dampens the sexual desire and her jaw no longer needs to ache.