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#66: Secede

#66: Secede
Odd Spot - The Age - 14/3/2022

Grace watches Rory play in the sandpit. The smell of coffee and the first rays of sunlight stabbing its way through the spindly leaves soothes her restless night. Both kids were up with fevers and aches.

Rory pulls and scraps at the sand, creating some barrier between his world and the throne his sister is sculpting for her prized doll.

He creates an island for his collection of Matchbox cars, with roads crisscrossing at dangerous angles.

She wishes she could build a wall around her life, free of obligation and worry. The first person she'd ban from this new world, Graceland, would be Peter. His petty worries at work infest their domesticity, like mould growing.

She'd shield her children from illness and the internet, banning it from her new country. And increase the taxation on the fifty percent who go out to earn a living. She'd do that by cutting Peter's ridiculous spending habits, his nights out and his "need" to go to the footy. Of making bets that never ever come off. Of coming home too tired to even discuss the bills due. Of deciding what is next on their list of things for the kids they can't afford this week.

All of it would be banned. Perhaps Peter should be banned.

She refocuses on her children and sees, once again, that she won't let them grow up without a father.

So Graceland secedes to the wants of others, yet again.