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#49: K-bomb

#49: K-bomb
Odd Spot - The Age - 19/02/2022

Tilly flourishes her hand out as if she's a magician. 'Ta-da,' she says as she flings open her fingers to reveal the small brown pills. 'K-bombs,' she clarifies.

'I don't know about this,' I say with more than trepidation.

She's holding the latest thing, right there in her fingers.

I can feel the excitement on her breath as we huddle together in the Portaloo. The music from the main stage thuds into the plastic, giving it a dull, under water vibe.

I daintily hold up one pill, raising it to my nose to smell the shit. It certainly smells like eucalyptus.

Koalas in the Byron Bay hinterland are feed leaves laced with ecstasy. Their digestive systems take up all but the fun stuff. All the media assures us that the koalas don't get high.

'You know almost everyone will be on it today, all the boys, at least.'

'I know, it's the idea of eating koala shit that bothers me,' I say. I'm not a teetotaler, I'm just not into eating shit.

'Just don't think about it.' Tilly tips her pill into her mouth and washes it down with water.

'Fuck it,' I say and do the same.

I feel the earthy weight of it in my mouth. The water clears the debris from my tongue.

We exit into the bright blue light with the sensation that something good will happen.