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#37: Bubble wrap

#37: Bubble wrap

Lisa was over joyed the delivery arrived a day early. She knew Ken would be happy with his present.

The last few weeks had been relaxing after months of being stressed. They decided together for Ken to resign before he found a new job. They put their faith in everything, turning out okay. And so far, it had. A Fortune 500 company offered him a new job with more responsibility, and he negotiated two weeks between jobs.

Ken had pottered around in the yard and had a spring in his step. She was now hopeful their relationship would mend and get back on track.

Tomorrow, Ken would feel vindicated and valued at the workplace, and Lisa resolved to ensure his home was a place where he also felt loved.

She ran her fingers over the box just as she had on Christmas eve when the tree was littered with wrapped boxes as if they were fallen fruit.

The website promised speedy and prompt service. Lisa was so happy Ken could take his new mug that read "Good Luck" on it. She knew it would look strange in a few months’ time, but hoped that it would bring back memories of his first day.

Slicing the knife over the clear tap as if it were an open heart operation, one that would repair their love. Small tokens were all that was needed for them.

She pulled out the bubble wrap and was about to tear off the brown paper when Ken came into the kitchen, humming.

"What's that?"

She turned in her seat, smiling. "I got you a present for your first day."

Ken's eyes widened, unexpecting her thoughtfulness.

He carefully unwrapped the paper and held the mug out slightly so he could read it. Lisa saw his face scowl at the mug. His eyes darted up to her, filled with anger, and dropped the mug.

It shattered as he stormed outside.

Lisa picked up the pieces, reassembling the words: Get fuck.