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#31: Letter

#31: Letter

3 December, 1952

Dear Milly,

Your letter arrived a few days late. The postman stumbles down the road, and I watch him, waiting for your letters to arrive. When he comes to our letter box, he stops and leans against the fence. I am afraid he will push it over one day. Don't worry, I hide in the Azalia bush and wait for his stink to waft away before I rummage through the letterbox.

For weeks I have had the anguish of no word from you. I know it isn't your fault, but these letters are getting later and later.

Thank you for the rose!! I love it. Next time place in a real rose so that I can smell it and not have the postman's stench.

There is no news here. Betty still cries every day. Barry has a new fiance and their wedding will be in the Spring.

I am including a paper swan. I hope you like it!

Please write back this minute. Please imagine me hiding in the bushes waiting for your next letter.



21 January, 2022

Dear Sylvia,

I received your letter this afternoon. It was hand delivered by an executive at the Postal company with his sincerest apologies.

I have to admit that seeing your letter soothed the anger I felt for you not writing back to me. I remember the rose I had sent.

There is a lot to report, but the one thing that needs to be conveyed is that I didn't reply because they found your letter stuffed in a wall at the post office but no paper swan.

The man is waiting and will ensure they find you. It has been seventy years. Please write back, telling me you have forgiven me.