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#226: Conquer

#226: Conquer
Odd Spot - The Age - 24/10/2022

Josh calls it his golden hour. He would say it was hard to explain. It’s why people don’t see him at parties or openings. It is his time to create.

The moment the sun escapes, the urge to paint overwhelms him. If he could spend the rest of his days like this, it’ll have been a life well lived.

He wakes when he wakes. Usually late morning. It isn’t until two or three when he feels capable of picking up a pencil. He’s usually found himself a seat at a cafe, just as their kitchen is closing. As he sips his long black, he’ll sketch the faces of people either passing by or seated at tables close by.

As the afternoon fades, he’ll wander the streets or along the beach. Quick conversations with other locals, before he drinks at a bar.

It is as others wander in that he needs to explain why he’s leaving. He needs to work would be the easier answer, but he says it is his golden hour. It is when lives his life.

Everything he has ever done culminates when he comes back into the studio and closes the door. This is his time to live. A fresh canvas is the representation of why he is alive right now. It is his to conquer.