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#225: Wall

Odd Spot - The Age - 21/10/2022

The entire wall, from the entrance, all the way round, will tell his journey. And, of course, it will all end right in front of where it began. The viewer will come to the end needing to see the beginning again, need to seek the clues about how it was meant to end.

Joshua sits in the dark space, with only the moonlight through the large windows on the second level to seek his vision. He wants to create an entrance way that forces the viewer to be birthed into the open space. They will know that the chain dangling from the centre was the place where he hung himself on opening night. There will probably be police tape keeping people away from contaminating the evidence.

He knows Doug will have them lining up around the block.

But for Joshua, he needs to create his final canvas that spans the seventy metres of wall. He can see epochs beginning and ending at various points along, with perhaps Tracey’s overdose as the halfway mark. It was when he became free of her, of competing with her prodigious talent.

He also lost all inhibition and could experiment at will without her voice stuck inside his head telling him to go in a different direction, in her direction.

Like any story, it would be the low point. He thinks the canvas here should be smaller, harder to see, as it felt like.