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#212: Threshold

#212: Threshold
Odd Spot - The Age - 04/10/2022

Josh felt the heft of the keys in his hands. It was like the day he first drove a car with no one else with him. He had been 18 then, but now was 28 and was buying his very own studio.

He stood in front of the iron door and took a deep breath. On the other side would be his future studio. He’d been inside before, for the inspections, but now, as he stood waiting (for what, only he knew). He imagined the work he’d be able to create. There was more than enough space for him to work on monumental projects, canvases that could be as large as the roller shutter door allow.

He wouldn’t make that mistake again. His final school piece had been constructed in an old classroom. No one thought to check if the giant triptych would fit out the door. So, as the truck came to deliver the artwork to the assessment centre, he and Tracey had to carefully deconstruct his artwork with the ability for it to be reassembled.

Should he invite her to the studio warming? There was every reason to except it might look bad with Skye.

They were problems for later. He inserted the key into the lock. The heaviness of the movement was satisfying. A moment in time taken up by this door, declaring that time was precious and there was not to be moment wasted once you crossed the threshold.