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#209: Distill

#209: Distill
Odd Spot - The Age - 29/09/2022

Josh fell into bed with his skin still raw from the shower. Skye moved closer to him without waking up.

When he woke this morning, she’d been sitting at the table drinking a coffee and reading the paper. There was something about the morning light from the bay window that forced him to take a photo. She looked up only after the sound of the shutter forever capturing her.

He skipped breakfast, desperate to paint what he’d just seen. And now, some sixteen hours later, he feels like he finally could capture a look on her face in the large painting.

Josh wants to wake her and not only tell her about this look he’s distilled, but to tell her how lucky he is to have her as his muse. And today was the best day imaginable as he could bookend his day with the real thing whilst spending time with the inside her.

She doesn’t enjoy hearing him refer to her as his muse, and he wished she’d accept the compliment that it is.