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#198: Ring

#198: Ring
Odd Spot - The Age - 14/09/2022

The day Grace first removed her wedding ring with the intent of not wearing it ever again, she reflected on not only the day Peter had given it to her, but on what it now represented in her life.

The diamond remained capable of catching sunlight, just as Peter constantly inspired her to love him. In those moments when she felt as if she’d fallen in love with him anew, her heart burst open like a rainbow.

On this evening, though, Grace felt the death of all feeling. It was clear Peter’s heart had scarred over with such vehement anger that there was to be no way of ever removing it. The tiniest slight, be it a look or tone in her voice, set him off.

Grace resolved to sell the ring. Let someone dismantle it, thus destroying his anger. Or at least, removing her from it.

Although she feared the moment, he noticed the ring of pale skin. His reaction could go a myriad number of ways. From finally realising their relationship was over to outright rage.

The safest thing to do was put the ring back on and wait until he moved out of the shed. Then she could put the house on the market.

As money wasn’t her motivation, she thought about digging a hole in the back garden, burying the ring with the past.