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#179: Phones

#179: Phones
Odd Spot - The Age - 18/08/2022

Tonight was going to be stage two in the subtle operation to free her children from the addiction of their phones. Stage one was they had to eat at the table.

It surprised Grace this only took a week for it to become routine. She called dinner and they would both come from their bedrooms.

Matilda maintained her swiping through various feeds whilst Rory’s fingers manipulated the controls for a shoot ‘em up game.

Grace served herself.

She ate the first mouthful before either of them looked up.

Stage two was clear. No phones at the table.

Matilda’s first reaction was to get up from the table, but Rory’s was to hand over his phone.

She served him and the sound of him eating brought his older sister back to the table.

Matilda ate quickly and, as soon as the last mouthful was swallowed, Grace handed back the phone.

Small steps, Grace reminded herself. This was going to take a while.