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#139: Fury

#139: Fury
Odd Spot - The Age - 23/06/2022

Peter couldn't tell if Grace was being serious. She was a little tipsy, as was he. It had been so long since they'd both been out on a date.

Was this a date? They'd separated over two months ago, and she'd cut her hair short, which gave her an assertive look that he found attractive. There were other slight changes, none of which he could identify, but the overall impact was significant. He'd forgotten how attractive she was.

She reached out to caress his hand, and her eyes sparkled in the dim light of the bar.

It somehow seemed as if years of fighting and hating had been erased by her touch.

A hotel?

She smiled at the suggestion and said she'd be back.

She left her phone face down on the table. He knew she was creating a new life for herself. It tempted him to turn over the phone to take a peek.

A mate had told him he'd seen her on Tinder. It had enraged him they, Peter and Grace, were over.

Grace came back to the table. Not a hotel, she said, pulling him from his stool.

She dragged him to the toilet. The women applying make-up didn't bother looking up as Grace led him into a stall.

To close the door, Peter needed to squeeze right up to Grace. He could smell her perfume. She slammed the door shut and immediately kissed him with a fury he'd never felt before.