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#129: Family

#129: Family
Odd Spot - The Age - 09/06/2022

Grace completed the annual transfer of birthdays into her new diary. The promise of a new year always excited her and as soon as the new stock arrived, she'd buy her favourite brand. It was faux leather, usually died a maroon red and was one week per page.

With this year's and the new one in front of her, she had a thought. Both the idea and the fact that she'd never contemplated this before struck her as worth noting down.

She opened this week's page by peeling the cord and flipping the diary flat.


Peter's parents were still alive, and living a few hours away, and yet, they never spent time with them. Her family, just as alive, were shunned for obvious reasons, but now she thought about it, those reasons would not be obvious to Matilda nor Rory.

Peter knew some things, or more to the point, knew not to talk about it.

Perhaps that is why Peter avoided his family, to normalise the idea to the kids that they were enough. It didn't matter about those that went before.

But then Grace felt the pain of her children doing the same thing to her. Of making their children comfortable knowing that mum and dad were all the family one needed.

And without warning, she openly wept. Right there at the kitchen table.