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#118: Waves

#118: Waves
Odd Spot - The Age - 25/05/2022

Rory tentatively sticks his hand out the window. It immediately flings back, almost snapping the bone.

His mother talks loudly over the rush of wind through all four windows.

Somehow Matilda, in the seat behind her, understands how to hold her hand out so as it flies.

Rory's father sticks his hand out, so that it is flat. He tries again and this time the air zips over and under and it really feels like his hand is flying.

He can feel his eyes water from the speed of everything, but this is so good he doesn't care. All four windows have a hand out as if this were a giant beetle flying.

His mother waves her hand up and down over the landscape and it looks as if she is beating her wing. Matilda and then his dad do it as well.

Rory tries and at first he can extend his hand up, but then the wind grabs his hand and yanks it up.

Matilda, in a moment of kindness, explains that the hand only needs to move a little. She grabs his left hand and shows him how subtle the movement needs to be.

He holds onto her hand a little longer than she does and he notices her face tighten up. Rory braces for her to call him a 'sissy', but she just turns her head. He places his hand out and moves it up and down ever so slightly.