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#110: Luck

#110: Luck
Odd Spot - The Age - 13/05/2022

Grace watched the school bus chug its way up the hill. All-in-all, the move to Glengower had been a good one. Peter was getting work around town doing carpentry work and was getting an excellent reputation. He enjoyed the people, noting how much friendlier than city folk.

And she was to teach next term. Which gave her time to settle the family in. She felt like she was the lighthouse, forever shining her light, guiding her family through the storm of a new move.

Even the sound of the bell announcing her entry into the general store gave her a sense of belonging. She imagined it only rang for locals, and tried to recall if it had rung for her on her first visit. She believed it hadn't.

"Morning, Grace," Margo said from behind the counter. She had today's paper stretched before her and kept a finger on the story she was reading. "Congratulations on the job. Start next term?"

"Word spreads quickly around here," Grace said. She had only received the phone call late yesterday afternoon.

"That is does. But in a good way. We're all happy for you. And for our kids."

Grace was struck by how Margo was speaking on behalf of everyone. She guessed that in small towns, the general store that doubled as the post office and bank branch would be the seat of power.

"I'm nervous," Grace admitted.

"Oh, you'll be fine. Even the gulls have graced you with good luck." Margo pointed from her story to Grace's shoulder.

Squinting to her left shoulder, she saw bird shit dolloped on her like a cloud floating in a blue sky.

"It's good luck, is it?"

"Aye, that it is."