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#13: Dr Roget and Experiments in Fiction

Warning: This is an experiment!!!

I have not been happy with my setup. The reason I went with Squarespace was the ease of use. And it certainly is easy. But what hasn't been easy is the email client. For some reason, I nor anyone else, can't access the back catalogue. And for the life of me I don't understand why Squarespace hasn't caught onto the newsletter trend. They focus on business campaigns with no capacity to run a weekly email.

Hence, my desire to find an all in one platform. Hello Ghost.

I figured I will attempt to migrate across, but before I do, I wanted to send a test email to see how well, if at all, this worked.

So, I will keep this short and link to two things that I've been up to this week.

Dr Roget or How I learnt to love his thesaurus

This week I published a new essay detailing the love I have for the humble thesaurus, only I argue it isn't humble and that Roget deserves to be named a Nobel Prize Laurette for Physiology or Medicine.

Dr Roget or How I learnt to love his thesaurus — Io Levoi
Why Roget’s Thesaurus needs to be reconsidered.

Experimentations in fiction

I consider myself a fiction writer. I have long wanted to write non-fiction and my website is the vehicle for me to explore that side of my creativity.

I am half-way through a new fiction manuscript (40k words). I'm enjoying writing this by hand. The writing is a higher quality than when I write with a keyboard. My thoughts and fingers move as one, so the typing comes out quickly and I need to spend a lot of time untangling my thoughts. But handwritten appears formed without the need of massive rewrites.

However, I miss the quick fire writing. For the next month I will write a short short story using the local Melbourne paper for inspiration. The Age publishes an "Odd Spot" and I will be using this to inspire a story. It is only 200 - 700 words and designed to flex my creative muscles.

It has been fun to write and publish them on my site.

Odd Spot of Writing — Io Levoi

Thanks for reading this. Stay tuned for information about the potential switch.

I'd love to hear your feedback and experiences on setting up newsletters.