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#25: The art of resonance

#25: The art of resonance

It might say more about me, but I'd never seen this experiment, and it blew my mind.

Without actually doing any research, I assume that the vibrations, or to use the technical term resonance, vary across the metal sheet. The salt moves to where the movement is less.

My mind goes in a few different directions. First, I think of unshowered hairy drug-fucked hippies sprouting bullshit about being at one with the fuckin' universe and dialing into the vibrations of mother earth as duff-duff music thumps beneath your feet and bursts your eardrums.

There is something in this. Attuning ourselves to the resonance of those around us is inevitable. There is evidence that the friends you have influence you in surprising ways.

[Side note: If you create more self-control with friends who have greater self-control, then there must surely be a diminishing effect on those friends? As in, you gain some self-control and they lose it? Win for you, but not for them.]

The moon is a perfect example of resonance in nature. Its rotation is perfectly synced with its orbit around Earth, meaning we never see the "dark-side". It is why we have the new moon.

Photo by Jim Strasma on Unsplash

The take away is to attune yourself to the frequency you want. This becomes the life you want to live.

In my professional work, I am reading about a model of change designed for leaders to change the behaviour of teachers for the benefit of student outcomes. It calls for change to be enacted, and once teachers see the improved results, they will change their behaviours. This is a stark change to how we do things now. We involve staff in the why we need to change and then seek solutions. This latter model of change has resulted in no improvement in student outcomes.

I see the benefit of this in the realm of self-improvement. Take my experiment to write a daily 250~ word story based on the Odd Spot from The Age newspaper. I've already written how it became easier, from over an hour for the first few weeks, to less than fifteen minutes now.

It has also developed over the past 75 iterations. I am now exploring what, to me, is a really interesting idea.

I am writing about a family but without the constraints of a traditional sense of what makes a character. I am creating a multiverse. In one, Grace might mourn the death of Peter, or in another, Peter might contemplate that time he let "the one" (Grace) get away.

The inspiration from the Odd Spot sets the frequency that I will write to. Who knows what the story will become? The universe, answers the hippie.

I make myself write a micro story. It is now, three months down the track, that I can see real benefits. I am building a world that interests me, without needing to fit within the constraints of "plot". I am also getting good at creating a beginning, middle and end within 250~ words.

This idea of finding your resonance is all about dialing into the end product. Trust that you will settle into the frequency. This newsletter hasn't found its resonance, yet.

But the only way for it to settle is for me to keep writing. And I thank you for reading.

Till next week,